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Hi there, friend.

I’ve created a special new relationship course just for you.

It’s called Living Your Best Love Life, and it’s designed to help you
heal, shift, and transform your energy so that you can finally manifest the love you really desire.

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The Living Your Best Love Life Course is only $90.

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Let me ask you a few questions…

Do you ever worry that you’ll never find love?

Have you tried manifesting love with no success?

Are you feeling stuck and negative about dating and your chances of finding love?

Do you wonder why dating is so hard for you and not for other people? Why do your friends seems to find a relationship easily, but not you?

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Are you tired of putting yourself out there over and over again, only to feel no connection or get ghosted?

Do you hate how dating apps make you feel?

This is a good thing, because it means you’re on the right path. And now, you and I have found each other, and we’re about to change your luck in love.

Here’s why we’re meant to work together . . .


Although I’m married and have three kids, I see everything in dating metaphors.

It’s weird, but I am obsessed with dating and relationships.

I just think dating is such a sacred time in a woman’s life.

Not only are we creating our future as we seek to pick a partner, but we’re also creating ourselves during this time.


Sadly though, when it’s “not working,” it feels really isolating and shameful, as if something is wrong with us.

That feeling then brings us to a place where we decide that we’re not good enough to be loved.

… not pretty enough

… not skinny enough

… not smart enough

And we start to believe that we might just be alone forever.

My friend, that is not true. You’ve just fallen down a slippery slope of negative thoughts.

I can get you out of that space.

And we NEED to get you out of that space in order for you to attract the partner you know you deserve.


Enter: Living Your Best Love Life . . .


I created this course after seeing so many of my clients struggling to see a better love future.

Basically, when I read their energy I could see clogged up Third Eye chakras. No bueno!

I was determined to help shift their energy into high vibes — and make it stay that way!

Because how many times have you tried to “think positive,” only to find yourself relapsing into fear and anxiety five days later?

Living Your Best Love Life is a system designed to transform your thoughts and feelings about your love life, which ultimately leads to finding your person.

After performing hundreds of readings and healings on people looking for love, I found a formula that has led so many of my clients to finding love.

I took that formula and created a digestible, easy-to-follow course so that anyone can experience a transformation in their dating and love life.


Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to shift your energy to feel positive about your love life

  • How to manifest the love you want

  • How to feel confident that you’ll meet your person

  • How to love yourself and be patient throughout the process

  • Rituals for staying high-vibed

  • Healings to cleanse your energy and connect with your intuition


Here’s what you’ll get:


6 Lecture Videos teaching you concepts to transform your love life.


Journaling Prompts to assist you with awareness, expansion, and clarity.


Guided Meditations that will help you receive messages from your guides and peace.


Shamanic Healings to start your energy transformation.


Ritual Instructions to super-charge your manifesting efforts.


You’ll also get:


  • Bonus video to help you get clear on what you want in a relationship.

  • A loving community of women who are on your same path and are willing to support you.


Here’s how the transformation works:

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Tips & Tricks

Obviously, you will learn tips and tricks by watching the videos and you’ll be able to put that into play. You will watch the content and receive what your soul has been wanting to receive. In other words, you will get what you need!

Energy Shifting

But most importantly you are going to absorb my energy on this topic. I believe dating is easy, fun, and we are all meant to find our partners. You sense that from me, you take it into your energy, and ultimately it becomes your own belief, which gives you the results.


The journal prompts unearth your blocks, but also answer your questions. The prompts are designed to bring your soul to the surface, which will answer your questions. You will receive guidance from your own inner guidance system. Priceless!


You will also experience shamanic healings through the guided meditations I have made for you. I use my shaman and energy studies to perform the healings for you. I’m basically cleaning out your energy and bringing you back to your authentic self.


It’s not all magic! A lot of what creates the shift is the incubation we create during these six weeks together. I’ll teach you rituals and healing tools that you will implement every day to create the shift. We work it a little bit every day, and it all builds on each other. It truly is beautiful.


Here’s what people are saying about my work:


Here’s a little about me…

NN August Shoot-9754.jpg

Hi! If you don’t already know me, I’m Nikki Novo, a Cuban-American  intuitive dating coach and shaman. I’m most known for my spiritual teachings of the dating process, and my ability to shift my student’s energy (on the phone, through video, in-person, anywhere!).

My most recent book “The Final Swipe: Heal Your Heart, Find Your Person, and End the Dating Search for Good,” was listed as the #1 dating book on Amazon.

I’ve been commissioned to speak by organizations like Equinox, Yahoo, Bumble, Aveeno, Macy’s, and others. I was also featured in Oprah Magazine (for reals!), Marie Claire, NBC,  and Telemundo.

Previous to becoming a dating expert, I was the Miami editor for Refinery29 and an editor for MSN. Her work has been seen in Allure magazine, Town & Country, the Huffington Post, DailyWorth, and others. I also spent time in the publicity department of Lionsgate and Fox Searchlight in Los Angeles. 

When I’m not out healing hearts, I most likely am enjoying our city farm in Miami, alongside my dreamy husband, our teen daughter, rambunctious sons, and three-pound Yorkie — who is also my desk mate.

Living Your Best Love Life FAQ’s:

  • I’m excited, but also on a budget…

    No problem! We have a payment plan that is really doable. And PS - you and your future love life are worth the investment.

  • How do I know if the class is working?

    You’ll feel different. As your feelings change, your future shifts. And if you don’t feel different, you can get a refund within five days of your purchase.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    Forever! If for any reason it will be taken down, we will give you the option to download and keep all the material.

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Ready for Love?

Join me in Living Your Best Love Life today and start manifesting the love you really desire and know you deserve.

It’s only $90. Click the button below to sign up now.  

(payment plan available)