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My Love/Hate Relationship with the Song from Frozen

April 16, 2014 / 8 Comments

If I hear that song “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen one more time, I may scream at some poor, innocent child. I’m just saying. And if you haven’t heard the song, well, God bless you. In honestly, the song is a meaningful message [...]

#30daysofselflove Day 1

30 Days Of Self Love

April 1, 2014 / 2 Comments

I believe the answers are inside of ourselves. I believe that loving yourself is the cure of all. While logically we all know what self love is, it can sometimes be hard to put it into action. In honor of one of my favorite students [...]

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We Are Not Alone

April 1, 2014 / 4 Comments

When I first started writing the book, “The Art of You & Me,” I had all these big ideas as to how it was all going to work out. I knew the chapters. I knew the content. And I knew the exercises. What I didn’t [...]

Nikki Novo Charmed Life School

The Lesson I Didn’t Want to Learn

March 17, 2014 / 1 Comment

As of today, we are six weeks deep into Charmed Life School, my 12-week program designed to help ladies find their purpose in life — and make money doing it. The idea behind CLS has been on my mind for several years. I even launched [...]