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The Reason You Can’t Finish that Project

August 28, 2014 / No Comments

When I first started writing professionally, sitting down and writing a full story was quite a task. It went a little something like this. I would sit, write a paragraph and suddenly realize that I was famished, so I would get up from my desk [...]

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Why I’m Not Afraid of What People Think of My Creative Work

August 21, 2014 / No Comments

I was taking this online business course, and one of my assignments was to ask five close friends to tell me what they felt were my best traits. This task was a true confidence booster, obviously. When I received the responses, I noticed that each [...]

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Meet Katie Dalebout: The Voice Behind My Podcast Obsession

August 13, 2014 / No Comments

Call me crazy, but I believe if we all learn to love ourselves unconditionally and look within for answers, together, we’ll make this world a better place. Change starts with us. And this, of course, is a beautiful philosophy, but once I decided to make [...]

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The One Lesson we All Need to Learn

July 30, 2014 / No Comments

If you’ve been following my work long enough, you might have noticed that I am completely obsessed with finding the answers within. When we’re committed to living a great life — you know… making an impact, doing what we love, being surrounded by love, and [...]