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You know there's a path for you. Sometimes, it's just hard to see it clearly. 

You've come to the understanding that finding this path is a spiritual journey, requiring you to connect with your soul and find the answers within. 

You're my kind of people. 

Find more people like you, the tools you need to see your path and purpose clearly, and guidance from someone truly invested in your spiritual growth. All of this and more is in Clarity Club, an online membership offering monthly online classes, a like-minded community, and live virtual guidance with me designed to help you discover and pursue the path you've been searching for.


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Clarity Coaching

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What if you could replace the constant stream of anxiety and worry with absolute clarity?

What if you knew what your soul was meant to do this lifetime, and how you could actually get there?

Or what if, you could just pick my brain, borrow my intuition and ask me all your burning questions?

I have good news. My one-on-one coaching sessions are designed to get you just there— on your path with intention, peace, and faster than you could on your own.


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Wondering what divine messages are trying to get through to you? Book a Clarity Call and Nikki will connect with your angels, spirit guides, or past loved ones in an effort to deliver your messages from the divine.

These messages are meant to offer you guidance on your path, make you aware of the blocks that are holding you back, and give you a roadmap for what you’ve been seeking


Soul Seeker

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Are you in the spiritual closet?

Go-getter by day? Witch-in-training by night?

Do you find yourself weirdly curious about the spirit world, crystals, angels, chakras, energy, and all that is unseen, but you can totally feel?

Well, hello my little wizard friend. You have made it the right place. 

Click the button below to learn about Soul Seeker, a 6-class online course, complete with videos, guided meditations, and bi-monthly live guidance with me all designed to help you unleash your spiritual gifts — from connecting with your spirit guides and understanding energy to communicating with angels and understanding chakras.


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"Your guide on the journey of self-discovery."

— Time Out magazine