Corporate Wellness

Stressed employees? You can help. I'm passionate about making the workplace a place where people can thrive and discover their purpose. I've had the pleasure of working with companies like Equinox, Clinique, Macy's, Yahoo, The Standard Spa, and Baptist Health. Below you will find several of my corporate wellness options that will show your employees how much you really care about their growth.


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Meditation Stress Relief

Team members will learn how to use meditation to manage stress, increase productivity, and create personal happiness


Work & Life Synergy

In this workshop, team members learn how to transition from different modes and roles (think: from work mode to personal mode), how to set boundaries in order to create a more fulfilling life, and how to make time for the things that are truly important to them without the guilt


Learning to be Present

In this workshop, team members learn how to use various mindfulness techniques that can bring them back to the present moment — even when they’re stressed, anxious, worried, or overwhelmed


Journaling for Clarity & Creativity

Team members will learn how to quiet the mind and channel what is within them onto paper, in order to receive a greater understanding of self.


Fulfilling Personal Relationships

Great for an employee struggling to make real connections outside of the workplace, this course teaches how to create and attract relationships that add to your life rather than cause unnecessary stress.


Vision Boarding

In this workshop, team members will first work through the process of clarifying their true desires. Next, they will understand how the vision board and visualization affects the brain. Lastly, they are provided with the materials to create their board and the time to complete it.