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What if you could replace the constant stream of dating anxiety and worry with absolute clarity?

What if you knew that you are actually meant to be in a loving relationship, and how you could actually get there?

I have good news. My one-on-one coaching sessions are designed to get you just there— to a loving partnership, and faster than you could on your own.

Because let’s be honest: This dating thing hasn’t really been working out for you. It feels quite painful and confusing, which is why you’re not getting the best results.

It’s time to make it happen for you. And you don’t have to do it alone.

My coaching was created for women just like you. The woman who is ready to finally put all the fear aside and start walking towards a meaningful relationship.

Here’s how we’ll get you there.

How Coaching Works:

·      The journey begins with a series of reflective questions sent to you via email, so we can get a better understanding why you’re hitting a wall in dating

·      Twice a month, we’ll talk on the phone for one hour. We’ll do this for a minimum of three months

·      On these calls, I will intuitively find the blocks that are holding you back

·      Once we have a better understanding of what your path is, you will be assigned inspiring assignments to help you clear out any wounds and start attracting the love you desire

·      Through the process, I will keep you accountable, focused, and on path, so we can get you from sacred and tired to knowing that… you got this

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