What is a Spirit Animal?

Today’s Monday Message is all about spirit animals. They’re totally cute and fun, but how do they actually work? Unlike spirit guides, angels, and past loved ones, spirit animals are not singular and talking to us. Spirit Animals are less about guiding and giving advice and more about lending energy.

When we start to see and resonate with a certain animal, that animal is showing up to lend us the energy that animal is most known for. Most of us associate butterflies with transformation. If one starts showing up in our life and it stands out to us, this beautiful creature is giving us a message of change and allowing us to use its energy in order to transform.

How do we know if a spirit animal is trying to get our attention? Look out for them in your dreams. You may even see them in person. Like when you’re driving and all of a sudden you’re forced to stop because a peacock is crossing right in front of you. Maybe you see yourself drawn to purchasing items with elephants or owls on them.

It’s hard to keep track of what all of them mean, so if you find one showing up in your life, do a google search for “spiritual meaning of whatever animal you’re curious about.”

Spirit animals are great reminders and an easy way to understand the signs of spirit in our lives. You can stay on the surface or go deep with them —however you feel called to work with them.

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