The Real Way to be Authentic

There’s a lot of talk these days about being authentic and living our truth. There seems to be a really big push in this direction, where we all want to show up as God intended us to be. But hold up… what does that really mean? And how do we really do this, in the first place? Like what are some tangible steps we can take to show up authentically?

Well my friend, it starts with our choices — the big ones and the little ones. You see, we tend to live life on other people’s terms because we typically make choices that first go through the “what-are-people-going-to-think-of-me” filter?

As long as we care what other think of us, we’re always going to make choices that keep us small and inauthentic. These choices keep us from expressing our true emotions, our true beliefs, and our true creativity. What we become is not an expression of our creator, but rather a people-pleasing wimp. For me, I constantly find myself wondering if I’m going to offend people with my words. But the truth is, that is not my responsibility. What people think of my words and me are none of business. My business is making sure I show up as a pure expression of myself each day.

The way of combating this is by looking at every decision — from what we order for lunch to what career we pick — and ask ourselves, “Is this true for me? Is this what I really want? Or is this what I think other people want of me?”

With those few questions, you’ll quickly realize who you are and who you are not. At first, you may feel a bit naked, but ultimately you will find the magical, unfiltered life you were always intended to live.