How to Stop Being Jealous

Ah damn, jealousy. It arrives during the most inappropriate times and has a crazy way of making us feeling inadequate and guilty all at the same time. Well, you know what. After feeling it, feeling bad for myself, and then feeling bad about my unholiness, I’ve learned that jealousy is our friend.

How so? First off, jealousy teaches us what our true desires are. It is a reaction from the soul. Jealous of her skinny body? That just means you want more health. Jealous of her confidence and inner peace? Yep, that’s what you’re yearning for. Jealous that he loves her and not you? Yes, again. You want to be loved (but mainly to be loved by you).

So for those of us who feel lost or who are seeking, jealousy is a really amazing compass. It points us towards our deepest desires and what really needs to be healed within us. Thank you very much, jealousy.

The next thing we need to understand about our jealousy is that when we feel this way, we are affirming that there is a limited supply of what we want. If we think of this logically we can see that this thought is quite silly. Just because they have a lot of money, doesn’t mean we can’t have that. They didn’t drain the money supply! Just because she has a great body, doesn’t mean you can’t have one, too. She didn’t steal all the good bodies in the universe! Get it?

What I like to do to combat jealousy is throw love rather than shade. So try this, the next time you see someone who has what you want, you’re going to say to yourself “Good for you, lady. I’m happy you have that, because it reminds me that I will and deserve that too.” A simple “you go, girl” can work, also.

Let’s close it out with a prayer. Thank you, jealousy, for showing me the depths of my soul’s desires. I got this. And so it is, my friends.

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