How to Connect to Your Spirit Guide

For today’s Monday Message, let’s talk Spirit Guide. To be honest, it took me a while to warm up to the idea of spirit guides at first. Since I was raised Catholic, connecting with angels was something I could wrap my mind round, spirit guides, not so much. But as I got deeper into the work, there was no hiding from these super helpful and wise beings. And now, it’s like all my clients ask about! I actually feel quite called to teach about spirit guides as much as possible, because they’re ready to be seen and we’re ready to see them, too.

First off, a spirit guide is not a passed loved one. While, yes, your past relative or friend can be watching over you and connecting with you, they are not your guide. Spirit guides are much more evolved and they’re ready to teach. Many of us have guides we’ve lived passed lives with, but without a regression we won’t remember who we are.


A spirit guide is also not a Jesus or a Buddha. Those are ascended masters. Spirit guides are actually more generic and aren’t “famous,” like the aforementioned masters.

Another fact to note is you can have multiple spirit guides working with you. They come to work with us for a specific reason. For example, I have one that works with me during my sessions and another that is helping me with a book. You might have one helping you with love, parenting, or healing. They all serve a specific reason.

And lastly, they want to connect with you, so you can both get to work! How can you connect? The two easiest ways are through writing and meditation. When you write, you’re going to want to allow them to write through you, almost moving your pen on the paper. And when you meditate, it’s best to use a guided meditation made specifically for spirit guides. Oh, did I mention I made you one? I did! Watch this video or follow this link to download your free meditation. Let me know how the meeting goes!