3 Tools for Cleansing Yourself and Your Clients of Bad Energy

Have you ever felt a little heavy, energetically? As if you need a detox, but not necessarily a food one — more of an energy detox. Well, collecting bad vibes onto our own energy field really is a thing. But have no fear, there is a way to cleanse yourself too. I’m going to share three of my favorite tools for energy clearing. Sage Burning sage is my go-to for cleaning spaces and gnarly energy around people. At first, I had no idea why the ritual worked or if it worked at all. Burning sage is an ancient ritual, mostly used by Native Americans. New age peeps started to take practice for their own by using a bundle of dried sage, burning it, and spreading the scented smoke around to ward off dark entities. Unsure of its effectiveness, I would proceed with my ceremony as a physical representation of my intention to clear space. And then I came across this super interesting documentary titled “Wake Up,” where filmmaker Jonas Elrod wakes up one day and is able to see spirits, angels, demons, auras, and ghosts. After learning about the sage ritual, he tires it and realizes that it works.

To create your own ceremony, order a bunch of sage, burn it, and spread the smoke throughout your space, counter clock-wise. For further instruction, check out this video I made.

Epsom Salt Bath You may have heard of using Epsom salt baths for swollen limbs. The salt absorbs the extra moisture created from swelling, which is caused by injury. Well, Epsom salt also soaks up negativity energy. Similar to what some crystals do. So on those days where you feel particularly drained, it’s time for an Epsom salt bath. You can buy a bag at drug store or here online.Just follow the instructions on the back.

Reiki Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that works with our life force energy, which is the energy that flows through our pathways known as chakras, meridians and nadis. Before receiving my Reiki certification, I constantly felt drained from my one-on-one healings and readings. It wasn’t until I learned Reiki that I was able to control my energy levels and reduce my risk of being drained by the work I do. It really was a game-changer for me personally and my business. For spiritual teachers, I think it’s almost a must. And for those of you who tend to be empathetic and absorb a lot of negative energy, a Reiki session will bring you back to alignment and clear out a lot of the toxic energy you carry. At the end of my readings, I always perform an alignment of chakras, because what’s the point of receiving all these life-changing messages if our energy isn’t clear enough to receive it?

So now you know hoe to clear out your energy or those who you love. Remember, it always starts with a clear intention to bring yourself back to your original form, which is a beautiful bundle of love.