How do Crystals Work?

How do Crystals Work? Crystals are totally in these days. But the truth is, they’ve been used by healers for about 5,000 years. Just when we thought we were on-trend!

Before we start working with crystals, it helps to understand why they work in the first place. Crystals have fixed energy. As humans, our energy fluctuates all the time, right? We can absorb the energy of others or chose to change our energy as we please. Crystals, although they absorb, their energy always remains the same. Think of them like that super consistent friend who always seems to have her emotions in check. 

Since we can absorb energy through our chakra system, working with certain crystals can bring us tons of benefits. For example, a rose quartz has the energy of self-love. Maybe we’re working on self-love, but have no idea where to even start when it comes to loving ourselves. The rose quartz can become our guide if we allow it to. Our little stone friend is here to remind us and guide us towards loving thy self.

Have you ever made a new friend who has a new set of energy you’ve never experienced? Maybe a friend who is courageous or creative. Once you hang out with them enough, it “rubs” off on you. Well, that’s how crystal healing works!

If you feel called to work with crystals, head over to your local metaphysical store and pick one out that calls your name. Then head home and read up on it. If it called you, you’re ready to work with it. Or if you’re looking to heal something specific, you can purchase a book like “The Crystal Healer,” and search for crystals that help with your specific situation.

It’s all about building a relationship, playing, and getting to know your crystal. Hey, I think I see some change in your future. Have fun and watch the full video above to learn more about crystals.

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