How to Get Over Past Mistakes

We all make mistakes. We know that. But some mistakes are a little harder to get over than others. So we keep playing them over and over in our heads, thinking that if we think about them enough, we’ll be able to change what happened. No such luck. Instead, what we’re doing is reliving the past mistake over and over again. Making that past hurt our present moment. How do we move forward? Here are 3 steps to help you move that way.

1. Stay in the present moment Every time we replay the past mistake in our head, we’re bringing that hurt into our present. We might as well be going through it again, because our mind and body does not know the difference between a memory or the present moment. What we want to do is acknowledge where we are presently. We need to remind ourselves that what happened, happened a while ago. And instead of bring it up in our mind every day, we want to bring forgiveness into our lives instead.

2. Have compassion for yourself We need to have compassion and be willing to forgive the past version of ourselves who committed the mistake. Without compassion, it’s easy to blame and hate ourselves for what we did. But, the truth is the person who made the mistake in the past is an old version of who we are today. That person was doing the best they could at that moment, with the consciousness they had. It’s like staying mad at a child for painting on the wall. In fact, that younger version of you got you to where you are today. And by putting that person in the past, we allow ourselves to be someone new today. We can separate the person who didn’t have the best judgement from the person we are becoming, so it’s easier to love ourselves and forgive the past.

3. It is all part of the plan Most of us don’t like to hear this, but on some level those “mistakes” were part of our path. They are part of our learning process. And sure there are those mistakes that we keep committing over and over again, but that just means we take a little longer to learn our lessons. If we can look at the mistake and learn from it, we’ll begin to understand it’s purpose. Once we understand it, we can forgive ourselves, thank the situation for the experience, and ultimately move on to creating the life we know we’re meant to live.

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