How to Get Over the Fear of Spreading Your Message

When I first started off as a writer, I was terrified at the thought of someone reading my work — which, um, kind of defeats the purpose, right? Writers write so that their work can be read an enjoyed. Not this lady. I was completely afraid of what people would think of me. And then one day, I wrote this really great article about a pizza shop that had opened in Miami (everyone has humble beginnings!). I submitted my article to my editor, and a few weeks later I received a call from the store owner who told me my article had brought him so many new clients. The article was helping his business thrive. And that’s when I got it.

Even though I was just writing little stories about small business in my city, I somehow understood that I was functioning as a vessel. I was being used for the greater good. I was simply a messenger.

Of course, as the years went on I realized I had a message of my own that I felt called to share. But my same mindset remained: May I be a clear vessel to spread your message.

That’s the trick, my friends. For those of us called to spread a message, it’s really easy to get narcissist about it and think that this is all about us. But it isn’t. You are a channel. A vessel. An instrument.

The message is not your own. It’s just coming through you. Who are you to judge its form? If you’re receiving it, and you feel it, you have to deliver it.

And that is my biggest secret when it comes to fearlessly sharing a message. I’m not attached to it. I’m just the receiver of it, and I feel the responsibility to share it.

Whenever I’m feeling afraid about what I’ve been called to do, I remember one of my favorite prayers, the prayer of St. Francis, which starts with “Lord, make me in an instrument of your peace.” As messengers and light workers, that’s what we are. We’re being called to be an instrument of peace.

So when you fall deep into fear about your message, remember what you are. Detach yourself from the message and ask to be a clear vessel of peace.