3 Ways to Block Negative Energy

How to Block Negative Energy Picture this scenario: You walk into work in a happy or at least decent mood. Sit down at your desk and you just know it’s going to be a good. And then, your co-worker shows up to your desk and start complaining about something having to do with work, and before you know it you’re complaining with her. Once she leaves you feel down and depleted. What just happened?! You thought it was going to be a good day.

You, my friend, absorbed negative energy. Some might call you an empath, but I’ll just call you a human because the majority of us absorb energy both from places and people— whether we know or not.

A lot of you probably know this is happening and this is making you want to quit your job, divorce your children, or find new friends. Guess what? You don’t have to do any of that. Because the truth is: sometimes we can’t just leave these people or situations. Perhaps the lesson may even be to over come it! So in today’s video, I’m going to give you 3 ways on how you can block negative energy.

Prep Yourself

I, personally, don’t do well in large, crowded places like Magic Kingdom. If I don’t prepare myself, I’ll experience sensory overload because there is so much intense energy going on. But my kids love it, so every few years, I have to go. So what I do is remind myself of what is about to happen. You can do this when you’re about to meet your co-worker, your dad, your partner, whatever. When you forewarn yourself, you’ll be aware of what’s happening and able to observe it rather than caught up in it. In my process of prepping, I also say a little prayer and ask my angel for help.


This may sound like the opposite of what you want to do, but the reason we absorb negative energy is because we’re not being present, but rather getting caught up in the opinions in our heads. Those opinions than cause a feeling and the feeling overcomes us. Real listening is listening that is more about observing than judging. When we observe, we’re detached from the person or situation because we’re curious. And curiosity actually involves a level of separation in order to get to our result, which is to observe and learn. So basically, you’re not in it, you’re just watching it. Interesting enough, once the toxic person notices you’re not engaging, they will stop, because your reaction or you inability to pick up their energetic baggage is not satisfying. They’re looking for a place to unload.

Stay in Your Bubble

Our aura is our own personal energetic field. We carry it all around us, kind of like a bubble. If we could see energy, what happens we absorb energy is our bubble reaches out to the bubble of someone else. Or more common is someone else’s bubble, invades our bubble. Before you start your day, you’re going to imagine your bubble and be aware of it. Feel your own energy. Understand that this is your bubble. Say to yourself that no one is allowed to step into your bubble. So when you’re out in the world, you have a clear understanding of what is your energy and what is the energy of other people. This way you’re not getting them confused.

Those are my three tips, my friend. If you have questions, feel free to leave them below. I’d love to help you on your journey.

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