3 Easy Ways to be Less Negative

There are several reasons why we don’t want to be negative. For one, who likes to be around a negative person? What we focus on will expand, right? But perhaps most important is negative thoughts make us feel shitty. Here’s why. Many of us think we feel bad and then we start thinking bad thoughts. Nope. The order is: we think poorly and then the thought manifests in our body, which makes us feel bad. When you feel down, you know it’s really hard to attract high vibe people, opportunities, and things. For this reason, kicking the negativity is a worthy investment in the future of your happy, fulfilled life. Here are three easy ways to start making the shift.

1. Start the Morning off Right with an Intention & Affirmation Watch the first thoughts that pop into your head after the alarm goes off, and I bet they’re pretty negative. Hey, it’s natural not to want to wake up to a loud buzz. But here’s the thing, being prepared with and intention and an affirmation first thing in the morning will drastically change your day. So instead of “Ugh, I don’t want to wake up,” you’ll be prepared with something like, “Today I experience peace.” Or “I focus on the positive, therefore I attract abundance.” Whatever you’re working on, start your day off with your mantra and intention of choice.

2. Set Yourself Up for Success with a Positive Environment If you go to lunch every Sunday with your super negative, gossipy friend, it’s going to be really hard to kick the negative habit. If you go to bed watching the news or “The Walking Dead,” it’s going to be quite difficult to think happy thoughts. Set yourself up for success by surrounding yourself with the positive environment.

3. Focus on the Truth A lot of times we’re afraid to bring in positive thinking into our lives because we fear that we’re not being realistic. I get the argument, but let me flip this on you. Is your negative thinking realistic? “You’re never going to find love.” “You’re always going to be lost.” “You’re never going to make enough statement.” Those are pretty bold statements, and also so incredibly unrealistic. So if you prize yourself on being a reasonable, realistic person, take a good look at your pessimistic ways and ask yourself “What really is true for me in this situation?”

That’s it for this week, my friends. Below, leave me your tips on how to keep the negativity at bay. See you next Monday!