Monday Message: How to Have Better Days

We don’t always realize that the fate of our day starts the minute that alarm goes off. As soon as we hear it, the thoughts come pouring in. And those thoughts can be the difference between a good day or a bad one.

After we snooze a bit, we typically just start going. Checking emails, getting kids out the door, getting ourselves ready, and so on. Our mornings become this autopilot routine.

This is such a missed opportunity.

Our minutes, our hours, our days, ultimately create our lives, right? How can we have these super fulfilling lives if we’re starting each day on autopilot?

A fulfilling life doesn’t come from some life-changing job, or an Eat, Pray, Love trip. A fulfilling life is created through our intentions. And if our first few minutes of the day are already being given away to everyone else, we’re going to feel depleted before the day even starts.

We have the power to change our lives simply by changing the way we wake up. When that alarm goes off, we can make it a prompt to be thankful. We can then gift ourselves 10 minutes to meditate and set intentions for the day. In these few minutes, we can remind ourselves of  what kind of life we’re working to create and what we’re doing to get there.

Much love to you,