How To Do Your Own Card Reading


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When I first got into this work, one of my favorite things to do was angel card readings. A card reading is a great tool for when you are need of some spiritual guidance. The great thing is, you can totally do them yourself. No 1-800-Psychic  required! In today’s post, I’ll teach you how.

Step One: Choose your Deck

There are so many options when it comes to choosing a deck. I’ve always preferred to work with angel cards because they are a little lighter in my opinion but choose the deck that speaks to you. You might even go through a few decks in the beginning until you find the right one, that’s totally ok. My favorites are by Doreen Virtue and Rebecca Campbell.

Step Two: Place Your Energy on the Cards

Especially with a new deck of cards, you’ll want to be sure to place your energy on them. You can do this by simply shuffling them and placing your hands on each of them. If someone has been using your deck, you’ll want to clear their energy with sage or palo santo first. I have a whole video on energy clearing with sage here.

Step Three: Protect Yourself

Before using your cards, make sure to call in some protective energy to ensure you are working with the light. I like to call in Archangel Michael and ask him to protect me. He is essentially the bodyguard of the spirit world. I also suggest you pick up a black tourmaline crystal and have it next to you. Black Tourmaline is known as one of the top crystals for protection.

Step Four: Pick Your Spread

Before you choose your cards, you’ll want to decide on a spread. Just like decks, there are so many spreads you can do. Essentially, depending on where the card is in the spread, the card means something specific. For example, I like to do a three card spread that represents past, present, and future in that order. So the first card I choose represents the past, the next the present, and so on. Another popular spread is Situation, Action, Outcome. Once you get comfortable, feel free to even create your own. Have fun with it!

Step Five: Set Your Intention and Ask the Question

Start out by setting your intention for the reading. Then ask your question while you are shuffling the cards. If you are doing a reading on someone else, have them think of their question while you are shuffling. Then lay out the three cards.

Step Six: Read & Interpret the Cards

Your ability to read the cards is going to have everything to do with your familiarity with the cards. For example, receiving the image of an apple could mean something different to you than your friend. The messages you receive are meant for you in the way that you personally relate to them. You will receive messages in several ways: the words on card, the description in book, and the imagery. This means you’ll want to look at each card as a whole and not just focus in on one element.

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