How to Trust in Divine Timing

Last year, felt like the year of awakening. We all received that fire under our butt that led us to all the change we wanted to make this year.

Naturally, we thought this year would be about action and things coming together.

And while we’ve experienced some progress, it’s felt more painful than blissful. Plus, it’s all been happening at a snail’s pace.

What gives?!

In today’s Monday Message, we talk all about Divine Timing and how to trust — even when all we really want to do is freak out.

You see, although we may feel ready for that thing that we want — the relationship, the business, the money, the job, the engagement — the universe knows the best timing for us.

There is this beautiful, magical orchestration that happens on our behalf. And we must trust it.

This is not a time for control. This is a time for faith and work.

Keep your head down on the path and go with trust.

And if you need extra help, watch the video or book a session with me.

Much love to you,