A Simple Guide to Self-Care


I have to be honest, even though I do this work, it was only about a year ago that I realized what self-care was. I just thought it was another word for getting your hair and nails did. Like, “Treat yo self.”

Now, I know that self-care is less of a treat and more of a necessity.

Recently, I’ve been receiving a lot of request for tips on how not identify with the mind so much. Basically, the question is: how can we stop it from making us feel anxious and crazy all the time? Answer: self-care.

Self-care are the things we need to do regularly to stay centered and grounded. Consider them your preventive care methods. These are the practices that if we do regularly, we can lessen those anxious days, weeks, and months.

Often we don’t do self-care because it requires time and we feel too busy. But what we don’t realize is this is an investment. If we are constantly falling into doubt, it will take us longer to build that empire, find that partner, move up in our career, etc. If we invest in ourselves through self-care, we will get to where we’re trying to be faster.

No matter how much self-care we do, we’ll always have those days where the mind takes over, but we’ll have the awareness to know what is happening. With that awareness, we’ll know that all we need to do is pull out our tools.

Everyone’s self-care is different. You may need time by the water, while your bestie needs time in the mountains. Some people need regular time in groups, while others need time in silence. Find what your thing is and add it to your list. But to help get you started, below are three self-care practices that I find to beneficial across the board.

1. Eat Well

I want to start by saying this is different for everyone. Just because you’re eating vegan does not mean you’re eating well. And just because you’re eating chocolate does not mean you’re not eating well. So let me start there.

It’s very important that we do the work to find out what our specific body needs for nutrition. Some people need to eat a little something every two hours if not they get hangry. If you’re getting angry for no reason, ask yourself if you’re really just hungry. It’s a thing!

Find out what nutrition you need to feel centered. You can start by taking notes of what you eat and how you feel or even get a blood test. Managing your nutrition and your hydration will give you the energy you need to stay positive and not fall into a doomsday mentality.

2.  Move Your Body

We value our mind so much, believing that it has all the answers. But it doesn’t! We are created of mind, body, spirit. All three components work together and they are all equally important — plus, they each have their own wisdom.

The body is something we get all wrong. We think it’s our job to control it when really it’s here to act as a tool. Our body will manifest all our pain, worry, suffering, and so on. If we listen to it, it will tell us what is going on and how we can move forward.

We need to move our body as often as possible and in a way that is less controlled. I’m a big fan of dancing, jumping on a trampoline, and even skipping. Put on your favorite tunes and move.

3. Spend Time with Nature

We typically go into worry mode because we’re freaking about something that is happening or about the unknown. What’s happening is that we’re out of touch with our natural rhythm. When we step outside, nature reminds us of all the different cycles. Sometimes things are burning down and dying, in order to make fertile ground for something new. Sometimes, the seed is underground and nothing has sprouted yet. Sometimes, it’s cold and time to rest.

When we connect with nature, we begin to feel our connection to something so much greater. It soothes us and reminds us that all will be okay.

I really hope this helps. If you want to dive even deeper into creating a self-care practice, enter your email below and download my self-care worksheet. It’s filled with helpful exercises, mantras, and questions to ask yourself.

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If you want to do a little extra work in this area, I made you a worksheet filled with helpful exercises. Just enter your email below to download it!



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