Are You Pushing Your Life in the Wrong Direction?


I currently have one-month-old. And a four-year-old. And a 12-year-old. A husband, two businesses, and let’s not forget my 12-year-old Yorkie.

Life is a little chaotic to say the least. So much has change in just a few weeks. Where I thought my life was going just before the baby was born is proving to be, um, wrong. Just a few weeks before the baby was born, I was pushing so hard to have it all figured out — my business, my next book, the other two kids, etc. And guess what, once baby number three came, shit got real.

So today’s Monday Message is about accepting where we are in life. There is such a thing as divine timing, and so often we choose to ignore it in hopes of controlling our lives so that we can guarantee what we think will make us happy. So we push and push, only to find ourselves frustrated, upset, and completely misaligned with the flow of our life.

At this point, we need to stop and ask our life, what is your current flow? What is your timing? How can I be more aligned?

Sure, I’d love to have all this time to produce beautiful videos, write a bestseller, and travel to Alaska, but the timing of my life is somewhere else. Right now, I have a baby who would like to be carried when I’m schedule to shoot my Monday Message video.

Maybe this year you want it to be about your business or finding the love of your life, but life is telling you, you have other work to do instead. We must honor the timing of our life and be really present. Because if we resist the flow of it, it’s just going to take even longer to where we desire to be.

nikki novo