2 Ways to Know if You’re Coming from Fear or Intuition

I have found there really is two motivations that we work with: fear and love (in this case, I’m referring to love as intuition). And that’s it, kids. And listen, both work. Forever my main motivator was the feel of not being enough, and damnit did I build a resume for myself because of it. I was so afraid of failing that I became an overachiever.

But after a while, fear as a motivator gets old. And when it gets old, it starts depleting us, which then causes all sorts of problems like lack of clarity and the chance of walking the wrong path.

The thing is many times, we don’t even know we’re coming from fear. We think we’re being responsible, logical, or cautious, which tend to be highly respected traits. So it’s really important to spend time knowing the difference.

How do You Feel?

The first thing to look at is how do you feel. If you feel stressed, tired, anxious, etc. I can pretty much guarantee you that overall, you are living a life motivated by fear. Meaning, you make decisions based on avoiding a negative outcome. You’re not choosing to do things out of faith and trust in the future. You’re taking action because you are afraid. Like working crazy hours because you’re afraid of not making enough money.

Are You Discrediting Your Intuition?

Do you get intuitive hits or little message and just pass them off? Do you not take action on some things that you feel are right for you? Your lack of action comes from fear of something. Fear of not being too exposed. Fear of failing. And so on.

Those, to me, are the biggest indicators: quality of life and inaction. The reason I bring this topic up is because, my friends, changing your motivation to one of love, intuition, and faith will absolutely change your life. It’s the difference between simply surviving and thriving. And I really want you to start considering making the switch.

As always, much love to you. See you next Monday!