After a few years into my dating marathon, I remember hitting a point in my journey where I felt pretty lost. I wasn’t even sure if I had any faith in the prospect of living a happy life because I thought a successful existence was only attainable once I had a guy who loved me. Basically, I was at that place in life where I could settle for a mediocre relationship, start using drugs and alcohol, see a therapist, or visit a psychic. I met with a psychic — not to say I didn’t dabble in the other options, too.
While in this space, I just wanted someone to tell me that it was all going to be okay. I desperately wanted to hear that the deep pit of anxiety I was feeling inside my stomach was not an indication that I was going to be alone or unhappy for the rest of my life.

My hope was that the psychic would tell me I was going to marry a doctor, have kids, and live happily ever after. But she didn’t. Instead, she told me I was going to “get into the metaphysical.” “The meta, what?” I thought.

“What am I paying you for, lady,” I said to myself. She was supposed to tell me I was normal and that Mr. Right was coming next month. Instead, I heard that I was about to become a wizard of some sort. “Great, now I’ve really hit rock bottom,” I thought.

Metaphysics is just a fancy term for the philosophy of being. Those who study metaphysics are determined to make sense of it all — they’re searching for meaning. And she was right, I found myself at a crossroad. I could either keep on feeling like a victim or I could find some sort of way to take matters into my own hands. So I decided to start looking for the meaning in my life and why this was all happening to me.

Initially, I just wanted someone to wave a magic wand over me. But what I discovered was that I had some work to do before my fairytale was to find me. Ugh, work. Total bummer.

I’m guessing this is where you are. At this point, nothing is making you feel better about your situation. You’re starting to think that there must be something wrong with you, right? After all, the years keep passing, your friends keep coupling up, and you, well, just stay the same. You seem to date the same guy over and over again. Or, you date different types of men, but the end result is always the same: no committed relationship.

Actually, it’s hard to imagine this is your life. As a little girl, you never doubted that you were going to get married by 25 years old and have two and half children (the white picket fence was to be determined). Your ideal life wasn’t anything you really worried about because this reality was always in the bag. Fast-forward to your present situation, and none of it seems to make any sense.

You’re a nice person. You’re smart. I mean, you’re really good at what you do and you probably have an impressive resume to prove it. You’re pretty and you know how to dress. Plus, you’re always helping others and the planet’s furry friends.

What does a girl have to do around here to score a happy life? Donate an ovary or something?

Seriously, what gives? You’re beginning to think that your childhood predictions weren’t at all accurate. And now, you can’t help but wonder…


And that fear is exactly why I wrote this book. Because I was there, too. But after doing the work, I was able to climb myself out with grace, plus learn how to have a damn good time dating.

I wrote this book for you, my reader. You, the girl, who is totally awesome, but can’t quite nail down this forever partner. And for you, the girl, who is totally grossed out by the guys who message you on that online dating site. Eww.

Come on over to the light. Read my book, and I bet it will change your life.


  • Frustrated with dating
  • Scared you might be alone forever
  • Worried you might not meet someone in time to have a family and fun
  • Wondering if there are any good guys out there
  • Confused about where you can meet people
  • Looking for love


  • Looking to put a Band-Aid over your wounds
  • In search of one-size-fits-all advice that will inevitably leave you lost, confused, and wondering if you’re really that into him, anyway
  • Hoping to adopt someone else’s dating rules as your own


So, are you in? I thought so. Purchase “Will I be Alone Forever? … And Other Dating Questions You Wish a Psychic Would Answer” today on Amazon by clicking here.

Thank you, my friend, for committing to love so that we may all experience more of it, and together, make this world the better place we all dream about.

Much love,

N Squared