My zodiac sign is Cancer. Allegedly, we are said to be sensitive creatures. When I first learned that about my sign, I thought to myself, “Well, this is just a load of crap. I am not sensitive.”

Nope, not me. Sensitive skin? Maybe. Tendencies to romanticize situations? Possibly. Overwhelmed by large crowds? Sure. A deep ache when thinking of the world’s problems? Okay. But does all of that really make me sensitive?

Why, yes it does, Nikki. And yes it does for you, too, my beloved reader. I bet you’re sensitive, because we people find each other. In fact, I have an entire family full of our kind!

So, here’s the deal about our kind. Life just doesn’t feel easy for us. We are not okay with the mediocre. We need to feel good in order to wake up in the morning, if not, life just seems wrong.

As sensitive souls, we are natural seekers. We are constantly seeking truth. Not only truth from others, but our own truth, as well.

What does that mean? We’re not okay with settling. Sticking to a whatever job simply because it pays well just isn’t okay for us. Marrying someone because they are a good person isn’t enough for us. Living life according to the status quo is death to us.

These are all good traits to have, right? But what happens is, we can’t always communicate this well to ourselves or others, which leaves us feeling completely alone.

Because we are sensitive that feeling is so intense that it begins to feel real, as if no one in the world understand us. What happens when we think no one understands us? We retreat into our little warm cocoons where the ugly world cannot touch us.

While that cocoon may feel warm for a bit, it quickly begins to feel like a cage that is trapping us in. Within this cage, our mind swims around and around chaos until we’ve created a world within our mind that has separated ourselves from everyone else. We begin to believe, truly, that other people are totally okay, have it together, and have it all figured out. Us on the other hand? Hot mess. And maybe even without the hot.

But you guys, we created this cocoon/cage, which ultimately left to our seclusion and separation from the rest of the world. I promise you, everyone suffer. Most people do not have their shit together. And there are less people than you thinking judging you.

So, my dear soft friend. Let’s do this. Open up. Come out of the cocoon. Recognize that there are more people who want to love you than there are people who want to hurt you. Acknowledge that you are one of the magical feelers of the world, and that is such a blessing. Embrace your gift. Do not hide it from us.

When you decide to stop hiding, what you will find is the support of others who are on the same boat. But most importantly, you will find your own inner courage.