Today, my friend, we’re going to talk about your life purpose. Do I know what yours is? Not exactly. But I know what it isn’t and how to find it.

Purpose, for many of us, has become synonymous with some sort of external factor, like our career, relationships, parenthood, etc. We tend to search for purpose in the outside stuff. Anyone who has tried to search outside of themselves for the answers will eventually become disappointed.

Why? Because purpose is not this one external thing. It’s so much bigger than that. Purpose is actually more about a lesson or a set of lessons that we come to accomplish this lifetime. Sure, that might involve a certain career, relationship, or family dynamic, but that’s not the only thing. Before coming into this lifetime, our soul signs up for a set of lessons meant to learn on this Earth. It could be something like, learning humility, forgiveness, or acceptance. Along with your lessons, you may also come with a mission to be light worker or bring some sort of contribution to the Earth.

Author and spiritual teacher Caroline Myss has a great book on this topic called “Soul Contracts,” in case you want to dive deeper.

Once we stop putting so much pressure on this one thing to make us complete, what we want to do is start to have a relationship with our soul. When we start looking for purpose and meaning in our lives, really, what we’re looking for is to be in alignment with our soul. All we really want to know is what we’ve been placed on this Earth to do.

In order to find that purpose, we must have a spiritual relationship with ourselves. The answers live within us. And once we can hear the calling of our soul, all we have to do is follow the path it intended us to walk this lifetime. This is when we feel truly aligned with our path and purpose.

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Until next time, much love to you.