Episode 6: The Blocks We Don't See


Episode 6: The Blocks We Don’t See

For the last few months, it seems like every time I sit down to meditate with my spirit guide, I have the same vision.

It’s like a reoccurring dream, only this vision happens in meditation.

It’s basically my spirit guide saying, “Lady, until you learn this lesson, we are not moving on to the next vision.”

Spirit guides can be tough like that.

What she was trying to teach me was that my external reality is a reflection of my internal client.

Meaning, what’s going on inside: my beliefs, my negativity, my positivity, my focus is what I’m creating outside in the world.

I know this.

You know this.

Yet, we don’t always see the blocks that we’re placing in our way.

In today’s podcast, I help a beautiful woman see her blocks during a reading I did with her.

Lacey was kind enough to allow me to share a piece of her reading with you, so that we can all learn.

We talk about:

1.    Believing in what we really want

2.   How to date with an open heart, but also not be attached to the outcome when dating

3.   How to tell if we're resisting change


1.    For making your list, I mention my book "The Final Swipe."

2.   Lacey mentions a book she loved titled, "Attached."