Episode 33: How to Manifest Love but Not Obsess


Today we go over a common question I receive often: How do I manifest, but not feel obsessive over calling in a partner?

Such a good question!

Here are my tips. I have three for you:

1. When manifesting is not working, it's because we're being called to a journey of letting go

It's important to understand that manifesting is natural. We're doing it all the time. We want something, and within little time, it shows up. If manifesting is not working, it's because we're being called to walk a journey of letting go — of releasing all the baggage and false beliefs so that our energy is clean and light.

2. Focus on the feeling

What makes us feel obsessive is that we're focused on the union, on the partner, on the person. When in fact, we want to focus on the feeling. Being in a relationship represents some kind of feeling for us. For some of us it's security, fun, companionship, and so on. That feeling is what we're trying to manifest, and that's what we want to focus on, which in return eliminates a lot of pressure.

3. Keep track of your actions

Lastly, we feel crazy when manifesting because we're all up in our heads. We're thinking about it and visualizing it, but we also want to get honest about what we're physically doing to help co-create this relationship. Remember, we live on this place called Earth that's physical! So let's keep track of what we're doing to help ourselves.

Enjoy the episode. Let me know if you have questions.

nikki novo