Episode 30: Redefining Masculine Qualities


Episode 30: Redefining Masculine Qualities

Today’s episode is a tough one. 

Here’s why. Many of us are looking for divine masculine energy. Whether we’re in search of a heterosexual relationship or same sex relationship, we’re looking for either predominatly divine femine or predominatly divine masculine energy. 

Today I’m speaking to those of you looking for a partner who is predominantly in their divine masculine energy. 

We’re going to talk about what those qualities really are and how to create space for them. 

Because the truth many times, we either don’t leave any room for the masculine to show up, or we condone it when it appears. 

As the patriarchy begins to dissolve it’s important to not label all masucline qualities as the patriarchy. It’s also important that we don’t just turn the patriarchy into the matriarchy. 

Let’s clear up all that funky energy and misunderstandings so you can better understand yourself and what you’re calling in. And so you can create a direct line for your manifestations.