Episode 29: How Spirit Guides Can Help Your Love Life


Episode 29: How Spirit Guides Can Help Your Love Life

I’m pretty obsessed with spirit guides if you haven’t noticed. 

I first got into them when I went to visit a psychic who was supposed to tell me that my ex-boyfriend was going to come running back to me. No such luck.

Her reading was so fascinating that I had to understand what she was doing. She explained to me that she could speak to angels. Whaaaat?

And these angels apparently were around us to protect us and had info on us. I needed to know more. 

As soon as I got over my fear of seeing and hearing spirits (religion will sometimes do that to you), through my studies I started to connect to spirit guides, accidently. And guess what? They were so chatty. Full of so much useful info. 

The first thing one of my guides did was show me a past life, in my dreams, with an ex that healed so much for me and finally allowed me to let go and move on. And eventually be open to attracting my husband. 

Besides assisting us in healing, spirit guides are here to do exactly what their title says: guide us. They are highly evolved souls that are assigned to work with us for various reasons. Some come and go depending on what season we’re in and others stick around for much longer. Their job is to help us evolve and reach our potential. 

If you’re feeling called to bring romantic partnership into your life, know that this is part of your purpose. And your guide wants you to fulfill your purpose, so they want to assist you in healing any blocks that is keeping you from love — that may be past life stuff or simply negative thoughts. Dating is a great teaching opportunity for them!

In today’s episode, I go over what spirit guides are, how you can connect with yours, and how you can receive help in the love department. 

Give this episode a listen to learn more about your helpful guides.