Episode 26: What if being single wasn't a bad thing?


Episode 26: What if being single wasn't a bad thing?

Because it's not, and Shani Silver wants to tell you why.

Shani has been single for a decade, and one day she just became tired. Not tired of being single, but tired of being mad about it. And that's when things started to change for Shani.

In today's episode, Shani shares how she changed her life by taking a different approach to being single than what we're normally taught. She explains how she got here, what dating looks like these days, and how she was able to start enjoying her life again.

I was excited to have Shani on the show because she's a beautiful example of being hopeful and optimistic, but at the same time completely present. Meaning, she's looking forward to the future, but she's also truly loving her present.

Her perspective on dating is so refreshing (and needed), that she scored a column with Refinery29 titled, "Every Single Day" and hosts a podcast called "A Single Serving Podcast." Shani is changing the conversation for shamed singles everywhere, so that we can finally look at this time in our life with clarity

There's so much wisdom in this one. Enjoy!