Episode 28: Loving Again After Being Burned


Episode 28: Loving Again After Being Burned

I often think of us as little kicked dogs trying to find love again even though we were abused in a past. Have you ever been with an animal who was hurt in the past? You go in for a snuggle, and they just back up out of fear of getting hurt again.

That's us, you guys! Don't you ever feel like that?

At some point, you will be loved... really loved, and it'll be hard to believe it. One day, you'll allow yourself the love you really deserve, and you'll start to wonder if the person loving you is just pulling a prank on you.

This has been the case for so many of us, and today, we have a guest who so generously shares her journey.

It's a journey of reminding herself that she is worthy, that real love does exist and it exist for her.

This is such a beautiful share from Liz Newman, who was on the first season of The Final Swipe. She found love — and it feels funny.

Ready to feel all the feels on this one. Get ready to love again.