Episode 25: How to Kill the Dating Game with Emilia Nagy

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Episode 25: How to Kill the Dating Game with Emilia Nagy

If you’ve hung out with me lone enough, you know all about dating blocks: The strange stuff we believe that get in our way when it comes to love.

We get that healing those blocks is going to be part of the journey.

But truthfully, sometimes you just need some damn good dating strategies.

And that’s what today’s episode of The Final Swipe Podcast is about. Tips! Because no one ever teaches us how to date.

For today’s episode, I was joined by dating and relationships coach Emilia Nagy. She is so sunny, candid, and well versed in dating. You can tell she geeks out on this stuff, which makes her so valuable.

We talk about the positive side of shame, how to overcome narcissistic relationships, and how to kill the dating game.

Grab that paper and pen!

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why dating is a struggle

  • Best dating practices for women

  • How men and women date differently

  • Narcissistic relationships and abuse

  • Bringing your vision to life

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