Episode 24: How to Embrace Your Feelings with Maddy Moon


Episode 24: How to Embrace Your Feelings with Maddy Moon

There is one thing we can’t go without when dating. If we try to leave this part of us out of the process, we will be completely lost.

That thing is: our feelings.

Connecting to what we feel is what gives us the direction towards what we want. It’s our compass.

But, sadly, we’ve also learned that feelings are bad. We either want to jump out of our bodies when they come up, or we turn them off all together. No bueno, you guys.

Let’s dig into that, shall we? And to do so, I had the pleasure of conversing with feelings expert, Maddy Moon.

My friends, this woman has managed to figure out how to be guided by her feelings even when she’s on dating apps! My hero, and you’re new guide.

In this episode, we talk about what life looks like without feelings, what it’s like to honor even the shadow parts of ourselves, and how to embrace the deep emotions in a way that serves us.

This is such a good convo. It just embodies self-acceptance — which we can never get enough of, especially while dating.

Get cozy.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Feelings!

  • The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and how to use it while dating

  • What are our shadow qualities and how to embrace them

  • How to use your intuition with dating apps

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