Episode 23: Is Your Heart Open?


Chances are you’ve heard about chakras, but really, what the hell are they?

In today’s episode of The Final Swipe, we talk all about the heart chakra.

In my private sessions, I use the chakras to read energy, which is how I’m able to see blocks in people. When I see an imbalance in that center, it’s either too open or too closed.

When I was starting out on my spiritual journey, my heart was too closed. In this episode, I talk about the heart healing that changed my life and led me to my energy reading gift.

If you’re feeling your heart chakra is a little off, this is the episode for you. Let’s learn how to bring that bright green energy center back to health. Listen on!


1. Free Heart Chakra Meditation: www.nikkinovo.com/heart

2. My new program, Living Your Best Love Life: http://nikkinovo.com/love