Episode 22: Let's Talk About Your Placeholder


It's not an easy convo, but we need to have it.

For those of us struggling with dating, our soul is asking us to stretch. We are going to have to put ourselves out there and challenge ourselves in a way that you've never done before. Because if we keep doing the same stuff, we're just going to see the same result, right?

The stretch is scary and really uncomfortable, I get it.

In order to avoid that uncomfortable feeling, we do this thing: We keep a placeholder around.

A placeholder is someone we keep around as our backup plan. It's our "in case of emergency" plan.

And while it seems harmless, what we don't understand is how this safety net keeps us small. When we stay small, we don't allow ourselves the true love we really desire.

In today's episode of The Final Swipe podcast we talk about getting ready to release the energetic cords with these people who take up that "romantic love" space in our lives, but don't provide all that we want or need in a relationship.

We also talk about how, sometimes, we keep ourselves busy with other people's lives in order to not feel the void of being alone. But the feeling of being alone is the thing that is going to push outside of our comfort zone in order to find love.

So let's do this together, my friend. Let's get you ready for real love.

Give the episode a listen.


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