Episode 17: What One Woman Did To Find Her Happily Every After


I completely believe that we have everything we need right now, from where we stand to find the love we really want.

BUT why isn’t it working for you, right?

Well, because unfortunately we have a lot layers of crap on top of us — limiting beliefs, traumas, anxieties, and so on.

So while we’re equipped, often we have to undress the layer, one by one. Which is basically what I mean when I say, “We have to do the work.”

We often have to do the inner work to unlayer and love all of it. From that place is where we begin to create our dream relationships and dream lives.

With this in mind, on today’s episode of The Final Swipe, I speak to my good friend Nina Endrst. Her journey to love was full of all of the shit, but then it led her to so much intention. She did the work. And it shows, because her and her husband are the cutest.

I asked her to come on the show to share her process from trauma to love, because it’s always nice to have real-life examples.

We also went on some tangents covering topics that include, emotional availability, dating anxiety, inner healing work, and SO much more. She takes us on her journey from experiencing trauma in the workplace and in relationships to healing her soul, discovering her passion, and ultimately, finding her husband.

Enjoy this one. It’s a modern-day happily ever after.

We talk about:

  1. Defining emotional unavailability and how to spot an emotionally available person.

  2. Why it’s important to move negative energy and anxiety out of your body to help you in the dating process  

  3. How to get to a place of trust in dating, relationships, and yourself  


  1. Nina’s website: http://www.ninaendrstyoga.com/

  2. Nina’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ninaendrsthealth/

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