Episode 20: How to Manifest a Soulmate


You’ve probably heard me talk about soulmates before because I’m pretty obsessed with clearing the air. When it comes to romantic relationships, there is not just one, person out there to love and cherish us. A soulmate is someone who has lived other lifetimes with us. Get it? Soul-Mate?

So now that we’ve cleared that up, we can get into the real important stuff: manifesting a wonderful romantic relationship. And we’re going to do that today by creating a list.

I know what you’re going to tell me, “Nikki, I’ve made my perfect-man checklist and all I heard were crickets.” And you know what I’ll say to that? You did it wrong.

First off, manifesting is a real thing. We can call things into our lives through our thoughts and belief. Writing what we want down is physical action we can take in the manifesting process. So that’s why we make a list. But the reason your previous list did not work out was because you were coming from the wrong place.

If your list said things like, “I want him to be tall, wealthy, and drive a truck,” I’m sorry to say but it’s not going to work. And here’s why. When we try to manifest things without addressing why we want it, we can attract really wonky stuff. The why is more important than the what. Our lists have to be based on how we want to feel.

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You want to attract someone who is wealthy, because maybe you want to someone to be equal to you, or because you don’t want to be taking care of someone, or because you want to feel secure. If you only write down “I want him to be wealthy,” you can attract someone who has a lot, but spends a lot. Or you can have someone who has a lot, but has a lot of debt.

Now, if you create your list based off how you want to feel in the relationship, you can’t go wrong. You’re covering your basis. You would say something like, “I want to feel like an equal,” or “I want to feel financially secure,” or “I want to feel that my partner takes responsibility for himself.”

When it comes to romantic relationships, what lasts is not the outside stuff. What lasts is how we feel. Our emotional needs are what need to be met. The outside stuff we’re trying to call in is the manifestation of a need. We don’t want a tall person just for the hell of it! We want a tall person, because we want to feel small and feminine.

Our feelings list is this week’s spiritual assignment. Create your perfect partner manifestation list with your feelings list in mind. Here are some examples:

“I don’t want to be second to his/her friends and family”

“I want to feel like a priority”

“I want to be able to trust and not feel like I’m going to be cheated on”

“I want to feel emotionally secure and trusting”

“I want to feel beautiful in his/her eyes”

“I want to make sure this person is financially ok”

“I want to feel financially secure”

“I want to make sure this person isn’t a crazy partier”

“I want to feel I’m with a partner who prioritizes his/her health”

“I want to be with someone who will stick around for the hard stuff”

“I want to feel I am in a mature and committed relationship, where communication is of highest importance”

If you have any questions about your list, leave me a comment below. Much love always!