Episode 14: How to Put an End to Ghosting


The term ghosting may be new, but that practice has been around for a while.

I remember being ghosted way before it was ever a thing, and feeling like crap. As if something were wrong with me. And it always seem to be "the nice guys" who would do it. You know, those people-pleaser type? Who are too afraid to confront you, so they just pretend nothing ever happened. Ugh, grow a pair.

I'm actually happy there's a term for it now, because before it felt quite shameful and lonely. At least now, we're able to encourage a little accountability on the ghoster.

With swipe culture, ghosting has become even more rampant, considering there are so many blurred lines when it comes to what kind of interaction actually deserve closure.

Regardless, we can all agree it doesn't feel good to be ghosted. But it also doesn't feel great having to let someone know that you're not feeling the connection. So in the end, we ghost, too.

Today, I want to talk about how we can all put an end to ghosting, but not ghosting on our end.

I don't say this because I believe karma is going to get you. I say this because, for so many of us, dating feels like a scary, unsafe interaction with heartless strangers. When we ghost we perpetuate that belief.

When we agree to close the loop on all our dating interactions, we start to see that the dating world is actually not scary or ugly, but rather filled with a group of feely humans all putting themselves out there in hopes of finding their version of love. In other words, we humanize the process, which then makes us feel better about the concept of dating as a whole.

In today's episode, I go deeper into the topic. We talk about how to stop ghosting, how to handle being ghosted, and how to see the dating world as a good place.

Give it a listen and share it with that friend who is a notorious ghoster! Make the dating world a better place.

We talk about:

  1. How to stop ghosting

  2. How to recover after being ghosted

  3. How to see the dating world as a good place


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