Episode 16: When You Fall in Love with Someone who is Not Available


Have you ever fallen in love with someone who is off limits or unavailable? Cue:  “I wish that I had Jessie’s Girl.”

Unavailable can be, they told you they’re not ready for commitment, or your heart is telling you they’re not open to receiving love.

And off limits can me… they’re you’re boss!

This can be really confusing. Because you’re like, shit, what is going on with my manifesting skills?!

But guess what: this is actually a good thing.

See, when it comes to manifesting a loving relationship, we need to get to a place where we can feel what it is like to be in love.

When I teach this, you often respond by saying “But I’ve never had the kind of love I’m trying to attract, so how would I know how it feels?”

When you ask, you receive! And this is when the universe brings you a person who you feel all the feels for, but can’t necessarily date.

I know this may sound mean, but think of it as a gift. You now know what you’re looking for — you know what it feels like. You can borrow this feeling when manifesting.

Still a little confused? Don’t fret. In today’s episode of The Final Swipe, I walk you through how to create a positive story around this seemingly shitty situation and how to use this experience to make you an even better manifester.

Remember, my friend, the universe is going to help you get towards the vibration you need to be on to attract the love of your life, but often there are inspired steps you need to do in order to get there. For you, this might be one of the things.

I know you’re on the right path, because you’re already receiving answers to your questions. Keep going!

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We talk about:

  1. How to reframe your story around these experiences.

  2. How to use your feelings about this person to enhance your manifesting skills.


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