Episode 13: The Mother Wound & How it Affects our Dating Life with Bethany Webster


The reason we can't find love is not because there are no good people out there.

It's not because "everyone on dating apps just wants to hook up."

Truthfully, it's rarely what we think it is.

It's always something so much deeper.

When I was on my dating journey my biggest challenge was not feeling good enough. When I explored the origin of that belief, I was brought to mother. I realized that I saw myself through the eyes of my mother. And her eyes, weren't always the kindest when looking at me.

Now that I'm a mother, I realize what a hard job it is. And how so many of us are mothering from a broken heart. But still, we affect the ones we mother. Even the best of us do! God knows my kids will be on some therapy couch one day talking about how I messed them up in one way or another.

It can be scary, but we need to go there. Until we examine the mother relationship, we can't full see ourselves. And if we can't fully see ourselves, we can't fully accept love.

For this reason, I sought out Mother Wound expert Bethany Webster to be a guest on The Final Swipe podcast. This is such an important topic, and Bethany did such a great job explaining what the mother wound is and how it can affect our dating life.

Give it a listen. And if you know a friend who has mom issues, please send it along.

We talk about:

  1. What the mother wound is.

  2. My mother wounds!

  3. How to overcome our mom issues in order to love ourselves more.

  4. How to manage troubled mom issues.


  1. Bethany's website: https://womboflight.com/