Episode 11: The Process of Freezing Your Eggs


No matter how zen we try to be about dating, there's one thing women can't get around: our biological clocks.

There is nothing fun about dating when you feel like "time is running out," which is why many women opt to freeze their eggs. And while it might be common in big cities, not all of us have access to real info about the process. Not all of us have a friend who have been through the process.

In today's episode of The Final Swipe, my beautiful friend, Michelle, was so kind to share her story with us. We go deep into the details: costs, emotions, dating life... It's everything you would get from your close friend.

I think many of you will see yourself in Michelle. And through her journey, you can understand yours better.

Have you thought about the process? Are you thinking about it? Let me know your thoughts below.

We talk about:

  1. Reasons why a woman might consider freezing her eggs

  2. The costs related to freezing your eggs

  3. The physical and emotional process of freezing eggs

  4. The dos and donts of freezing

  5. How freezing your eggs could affect your dating life


  1. Michelle's doctor, Dr. Zaher Merhi MD, https://www.newhopefertility.com/

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