Episode 10: How to Feel Safe When Dating


We all want to feel safe. Dating is often painful because the process does not feel safe at all.

Because of this desire, we often look for our potential partner to make us feel safe. Which is natural, but sometimes we can take it a little too far and create too much pressure for this person we just met.

In today's episode of The Final Swipe, you and I are going to talk about how you can soothe your own anxiety about not feeling safe. This way, you feel empowered internally and you're not putting unnecessary pressure on this new person that you like.

I promise it won't hurt too much! Give this episode a listen and you'll feel better already.

We talk about:

  1. How we can feel safe even when we're not sure of the other person's intentions

  2. How we unintentionally become needy and how we can turn it around

  3. Tips and tricks for easing our own worry and anxiety during the beginning stages of dating


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