Episode 7: How Dating Anxiety is Killing Your Vibe


Episode 7: How Dating Anxiety is Killing Your Vibe

Despite wanting to find love, most of us hate dating because it makes us feel all sorts of crazy.

That crazy, uncomfortable feeling is not a sign that you need to runaway to the monastery.

That feeling is anxiety.

What's tricky is that often we don't know it's anxiety. Instead, we think that feeling means "this isn't the right thing," or "I shouldn't be dating," or "I'm not ready to date," or "Maybe I shouldn’t be dating the opposite sex," and so on.

Recognizing anxiety, and then understanding what triggers your anxiety, is going to be a huge part of your dating success.

In hopes of bringing this super important topic to light, I asked anxiety expert — and just all around beautiful human — Sheryl Paul to joins me on The Final Swipe to share her wisdom on this topic.

My friend, we are so lucky to have her. She hasn't done press in a really long time. And I did I mention she's been on the Oprah show? Yeah.

This is a must-listen to episode. And beyond this show, I hope you continue to follow her work as she'll be an amazing resource for you on this journey to love.

We talk about:

  1. Anxiety! How to catch and work through it when dating

  2. How to know if the person you're dating has relationship anxiety

  3. How dating someone with relationship anxiety can really mess with your intuition and self-esteem


  1. Sheryl's website

  2. Sheryl's new book on anxiety coming out in March 2019