I have a lot of clients freak out during the transitions of one season to the next. We usually don’t see the connection, but, yes, we’re totally affected by the change of season. Depending on how we deal with change or our personal opinions of the upcoming season, transitions can be quite challenging.

As we move into summer, our bodies are asking us to slow down and enjoy. For those of us who are go-go-go and don’t really understand what slowing down means (guilty!) summer can be full of anxiety. Growing up, I loved summer, because, duh, no school and lots of pool and beach time. But now, summer represents a lack of structure and kids home from school who are out to haunt me.

This year, I told myself I was going to embrace summer. I wanted to see the joy in it an allow myself to accept the change of pace. So that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m taking the time to remind myself of the things that make me happy, and encouraging myself to do more of that. I’m giving myself the permission to let go and relax.

With that in mind, I decided to even celebrate summer by attending Macy’s “Celebrate Swim & Summer” event at Dadeland Mall on June 20. I was, obviously, expecting tons of beautiful swimwear, but what I did not expect was the amazing setup and performance by Latin pop star Rolf Sanchez. There were models on stage, salsa dancers on the floor, and a dancing crowd. Talk about calling in the summer! The vibe really set me up for good thoughts about this transition and really help me set the tone for what to expect this summer: bikinis, dancing, and hot Latin men (thankfully, I’m already married to one. Check!).

If you missed seeing me live at this event, no sweat. I’ll be back at Macy’s Dadeland in June for another really exciting event. Check in on the blog or on my Instagram to get more details. Happy Summer!