Ah, soulmates. This is one of my favorite topics. I can geek out about this for way too long.

We can thank commercialized America for taking the term soulmate and turning it into something that can make those of us single and looking really, really anxious. This idea of a soulmate that I’m referring to is the theory that there is just one person in this planet that we’re meant to be with, romantically, in this lifetime. This is not true. Repeat, this is not true. Do not go and try to break off you ex’s wedding.

So what is a soulmate? A soulmate is a soul that we travel with throughout different lifetimes. While they can sometimes be romantic, many times they are not. So for example, your best friend in this lifetime may have been your sister in your last lifetime. You have traveled together. Therefore you are soulmates.

It’s also important to note that in each lifetime, we encounter several soulmates. And sometimes they come and go. So yes, that ex-boyfriend could have indeed been a soulmate, but not THE soulmate. Your work together this lifetime was only for a short while and not intended to last the entirety of this lifetime. Which I know is so hard and heartbreaking. I’ve been there. I had this one boyfriend I thought I was supposed to marry, but later I discovered he was only supposed to be in my life for one, specific reason, which had to do with me discovering my own creativity. We did our work together and that was over with. Cue: Erykha Badu’s “Next Life Time.”

And then there are soulmates that are total pains in the butt. Like a hard-to-deal-with mother, boss, or difficult child. This is a lesson where we are learning through contrast. Our souls signed up to work together this lifetime. Haven’t you wonder, “Why is this relationship so hard?” Because you’ve probably been working on this one for many lifetimes, and there are layers and layers to uncover. Soulmate!

But then on the flipside, there are some beautiful relationships we encounter, where we look into eachother’s eyes and say, “I know you.” Or we ask ourselves, “Why does this feel so easy and familiar?”

So there you go, my friend. We have several soulmates. They each serve a different purpose, and they’re not all roses and sprinkles.

If you’re interested in learning more on this topic, you’ll first have to learn about past lives. A great entry-level book is “Many Lives, Many Masters,” by Brian Weiss. Once you’re ready to move to the next level, check out “Journey of Souls,” by Michael Newton. For someone who connects with past souls often, this book was absolutely fascinating to me.

Let me know about your encounters with soulmates and where you are in your learning.