Holiday Healing

This is going to be your year, isn’t it? That’s awesome, but let’s be honest: you could use a little guidance and clarity on how you can actually make it your year.

That’s where I come in!

I’m really excited to be offering this once-a year offering that encompasses, healing, intuitive guidance, and practical steps to get you on path.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • 1.5 hours with me over the phone that is recorded so you can listen back as you’d like.
  • Before the session, I will meditate on my own and go through your chakras and energy to look for any blocks that she will then discuss with you during reading.
  • Once you’re on the phone with me, I’ll let you know what I found during my meditation. And then I’ll channel messages for you from your guides for 2018. Ideally, you come prepared with some of your own questions, as well.
  • Once I receive the messages, I will create a 2018 Clarity Map for you, which lists the steps you need to take each month in order to manifest the messages given to you during your reading.
  • During the last 10 minutes, I will guide you through a healing meditation where I will open your chakras, release old energy, heal grey energy in your aura, and balance your overall energy.

Here’s Why You Need This:

Readings can be really fun, yet totally overwhelming. After a reading, we get a high. It’s like getting a quick hit. But we’re not armed with the practical steps to follow through, all that great future stuff talked about in the reading is just not going to happen — and if it does, it will come way slower than you expected.

For this reason, we’re going to map out every month for you for 2018. This way, you’re not calling me at the end of 2018 for the same thing we spoke about in 2017. Believe me, it happens!

My other problem with a wam-bam-thank-you-mam reading is, if we don’t work on the old energy holding us down, we can download the new, positive beliefs and expect life to be rainbows and butterflies. We have to release the old, which is why I’m including a healing in this package.

So my friend, let’s talk about it. I want to hear about your challenges and make genuine recommendations. Maybe this isn’t the service for you — or maybe it’s the one that’s going to change your life. Let’s find out. Book a free call with me below.


This is a holiday healing, which includes an energy healing, a reading, and a Clarity Map for 2018.


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