Clarity Club


Feeling Lost and Stuck?

Totally Exhausted by Finding Yourself in the Same Place Year after Year?

Tired of Writing the Same Goals Each Year,

Only to be Disappointed with Yourself Next New Year?

Searching for that Path You Know You’re Meant to be on but Can’t Seem to Find it?

That Path Where Life is More Fulfilling, Purposeful & Joyful.

What You Need is CLARITY

There’s nothing I value more than clarity. I know you feel the same way, too, right? If you could just have clarity, well then, all you’d have to do is follow the path and get to your destination.

Yet every year, we write down these goals or we have something in mind that we know we want and we try to make it happen, but the following year we find ourselves in a very similar place. And listen, I know there isn’t a lack of effort on your part. I know you think about it, obsess over it, and talk to all your friends about it. You’ve tried pushing yourself military-style. You’ve tried meditating with the universe, thinking positive, and vision boarding your way to manifestation. Yet, nada happens.


It’s like there’s this imaginary force that blocks you.

You get distracted.

You make it more complicated than it is.

You get confused.

You lose faith.

You get tired.

Yet still…. still….you know there’s this path out there for you that you just can’t seem to get on. It’s like you’re missing the signs, you have an outdated map, or the distractions are just to large to overcome.

I Have Some Answers for You:

  1. You are not crazy. Repeat after me: I am not crazy. There IS a path for you. In the spiritual world, we call it the soul’s contract. You’re awakening to it. You’re hearing the calling of what you are meant to do this lifetime. Pretty deep stuff, huh?
  2. The answers are within you. Although we’re taught to look outside for them, there’s inner compass inside of you that knows that way. You just have to learn to connect to it.
  3. You’re right: there is a better way. It really doesn’t have to be so complicated or hard to get on that path, stay on it, and live in peace.

The Reasons You Haven’t Found Your Path Yet is:

  • You have no idea what you’re up against. Meaning, there are beliefs, baggage, and hang-ups that hold us back from creating the change that is necessary to live authentically. If we don’t know what they are and address them, it doesn’t matter how much we push, vision-board, or think positive, we’ll continue to get nowhere.
  • You’re not completely sure where you’re supposed to be headed. You could use a guide — someone with experience and who doesn’t have preconceived beliefs about you (like a friend or family member would have) — to show you the way.
  • You lack consistency and focus. No shade here! For most of us, it’s hard to stick to our commitments unless we have someone or several people holding us accountable.
  • You’re quick to convince yourself that this feeling is not real or important. This inner work stuff can be really lonely, and when everyone one around us seems so content, it’s easy to convince ourselves that we’re overreacting. As result, we end the search and just settle.

What You Get with a Membership to Clarity Club

  • 1 life-shifting lesson a month – Available on an online platform, you will receive a monthly video that dives deep into a spiritual topic. Think: “How to Manage Your Energy and Block Yourself from the Negative Kind,” “Manifesting,” and “Learning to be Present.” I’ve created the courses in perfect sequence to help you find more peace and meaning. No need to do it on your own. I’m here to guide you!
  • Worksheets – Every class comes with thought-provoking worksheets aimed to move you towards your most authentic self. With each question, you will be challenged to become intimately familiar with your soul.
  • Bi-Weekly Q&A with Nikki – Every other week, I’ll jump on Facebook Live inside our private Facebook group and intuitively answer your questions twice a month. It’s the closest thing to coaching with me one-on-one! Receive clarity on your doubts and guidance towards the right path for you.
  • Like-Minded Community – You no longer need to go through your spiritual awaken alone. Connect and have real conversation with dozens of women asking the same life questions and facing the same challenges that often come with personal growth. When your group of friends and family don’t understand what you’re going through, this is the tribe you can turn to.


A membership program offering monthly online classes, a like-minded community, and live virtual guidance with Nikki Novo designed to support you along your spiritual path


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