The other day at a talk I was giving, someone asked me what I do to stay motivated and energized. Quite simply, I give to myself. As a mom of two, wife to one, business owner to two, I’m constantly giving to others, which can easily make me feel depleted. What happens when I’m depleted? No one is happy. So I’m continuously honoring my own desires and needs. I take care of myself!

This year, I’ve had an extra emphasis on food and exercise. I realized that my body is the vessel to my soul, which happens to have a lot of things to accomplish this lifetime. And so does yours. This means we need to be kind to our mind and body, which supports this journey. I do that by eating well as much as possible and moving my bones.

In perfect divine timing, Macy’s Aventura is hosting a healthy cooking demo + yoga sesh this Saturday, March 25. I’ll be attending this FREE event that happens to be so aligned with my goals. Plus, I’m pretty obsessed with the presenters: Chef Chris Valdes from “Cooking with Chris” will be serving up dishes that are both good for you and good tasting. And the ladies from Bitsy Bottom will lead us in a booty-driven yoga class.

Meet Nikki Novo and Macy's Aventura Mall

The best part? I’m not hosting. I’m just attending, which means I’ll be able to hang and catch up with you if you’re able to attend. Register for the event by clicking here. I look forward to seeing you!

Please note this post is a sponsored post, although all opinions and the love for Macy’s is my own. They’re one of the reasons why I’m able to provide all of you with so much free inspirational content, so let’s support them back!