I wasn’t supposed to be this person. The kind of person who writes a book, follows her dreams, and does something great. I was an average student, an awful speller, and I didn’t necessary excel at anything. Other than talking in class. I was really good at that.
I don’t think my parents or siblings could have predicted I become this person. As I sit next to my completed book, I’m still surprised at that fact that all these words are mine. I almost don’t even remember writing these words. But they’re mine. And I did this.

I put myself through the torture of writing a book — the pain of creating. Why? Because many years ago, I heard the call. It was a whisper and it said, “Hey, you’re made for great things.” The logical part of me thought, “Oh no, you have the wrong number.” I’m just this mediocre middle child.

But the voice wouldn’t go away. And even when I tried to ignore it, it would follow me home. So I naively started to listen. And while it has been totally heartbreaking at times to follow that voice, it has never steered me in the wrong direction and it has brought me all the beauty I have in my life today. It’s the voice that told me to stalk my husband when we first met and it is the voice that told me to start writing.

While I’d like to sit here and pretend I’m special, one thing I have learn throughout my journey is that we’re all made for great things. We all have a voice inside that when listen to, will lead us to fulfillment.

At my book launch yesterday, I asked the question, “what’s the whisper saying?” Today, I pose same questions to you. Are you being called to create? Are you being asked to let go of something that no longer serves you? Are you giving the voice the space to breath? And more importantly are you listening? Because if you’re not, you’re living life according to someone else’s rules. Your rules, your bluepoint, comes from that voice.

I another thing I know is that there’s not always a logical explanation as to why we strive to create — why we strive to live life according to our own terms — but there is a responsibility that comes with hearing the call. I do hope you answer.

And in the meantime, enjoy these fab pics from the “Will I be Alone Forever?” book launch hosted by the super cool, super beautiful Lilt Lounge. Thank you to World Red Eye for the sexy photos. Thank you to the ladies of Savvy Girl and Sole Mate for my head-to-toe look. And thank you, thank you to my bestie and talented makeup artist Makeup by Anais for making me beautiful.

Nikki Novo Book

Nikki Novo daughter
Have you met my mini me? Since she’s not quite sure what I really do spending hours at my computer, we thought it would be cool to bring her so she can see what mommy really does.


The man behind the lady.


This is team “Will I be alone Forever?” Gissi of The Architect of Style is the talent behind the book’s illustration.  Giselle Navarro, directly to the right, is my right0hand lady (no pun intended). She’s conceptualized the design of the book. She’s also responsible for the look and style of my header photos and she’s the visionary of the new NikkiNovo.com launching in January 2015 (can’t wait!). And Nicky Valdes, of Regular Lady,  was my intern while I was at Refinery29. She is a star. So I brought her on to edit the book. PS- yes, my double-sided tape is showing. small boob problems, sigh. 


So thankful for all this support.


Thank you to my brother and my mini me for holding down the sales.



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Much love, kiddos!