Lately, my mind has been going a little crazy. I’ve been thinking of all these weird future scenarios that may or may not happen. In general, I’ve just been getting ahead of myself. As a teacher of all things spiritual, I should have some sort of solution for this right? Yeah, easier said than done!

When I was able to get myself together, I thought, “I must have a tool for the crazies.” The crazies meaning, when we get in a rut, when we can’t get out of our own head, when we start treading the beginning stages of depression and anxiety.

And there is a tool for that: It’s all about bringing ourselves back to the present moment. My mind was running the show and really making me feel despair. When I get like this, not even meditation can help. And for those of us with active mind, for this reason sitting in silence can sound impossible.

So when we get like this, we have to seek other practices that help ground us into the present moment: not just sit in quiet. Meditation can be a lot of things for different people. For my brother, it’s water sports. For me, it’s yoga or dancing. For my husband, it’s building something. What’s your meditation?

As of late, one of the things that can get me out of my head is cooking dinner. It’s really not my favorite thing to do, but I do love to know that my family has healthy, home cooked meal. So I do it. Annnnd for some strange reason, everyone leaves me alone when I’m cooking (ok, expect our dog, Foxy). Perhaps I look scary with a knife in my hands?

I wasn’t one to follow my mom around in the kitchen, so I’ve had to learn the majority on my own. Thanks to Blue Apron and Pinterest, long-gone are the days when I used to accidentally poison my husband because of poor cooking habits.

Since I’m always looking to up my cooking knowledge, this past weekend’s cooking class at Macy’s Dadeland with Chef Maximo from Ristorante Villagio was such a welcomed distraction. We learned how to make lasagna! And in order to make the classic Italian dish, you really need complete focus. I was happy to put my focus somewhere else for two hours, plus stuff my face with hands-down the best lasagna I’ve ever tasted.

So my friends, find your meditation. It doesn’t need to be on a pillow. It could maybe even be at a Saturday cooking class with Macy’s. Who knows? But you need it to fight the crazies and bring you back to the gem you really are.

Thank you to Macy’s for sponsoring this post, which allows me to give out so many free resources here and on social media. #macysambassador