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Dating from the Soul - MIAMI

  • Vixen Workout 547 Northwest 28th Street Miami, FL, 33127 United States (map)

You hate dating, but you want love, right?

I hear you.

I sympathize for you.

But I’m not going to let you put this off, just because it feels uncomfortable.


Being in love is awesome! Having a loving partner to live life with is the best!


There’s no shame in wanting deeply fulfilling, soul-based love.


You’re not less of a feminist or an independent person for wanting a partner.


Your soul is calling for love, because it’s part of what you’re supposed to do this lifetime.


So let’s do this, shall we?


Let’s move past…


the anxiety


the fear of not being enough


the judgements


and the protected heart


Join me for a transformative and healing

experience created to deeply shift your energy



And we’re not going to do this with icky tricks or games or rules. That’s all fear-based.


We’re going to do this from a place of love — and magic!


In this class you will:

·      Clear out your chakras to be more in receiving mode

·      Learn to manifest the love you want and repel what you don’t want

·      Heighten your intuition to understand the guidance coming through you

·      Unblock the fear that is trapped in your body and playing on repeat



*please wear comfortable clothing you can move in.